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Don’t Get Left Behind in the Evolution of Distribution

As a distributor in today’s marketplace, your business is becoming increasingly complex. The continual changes in the marketplace, coupled with increasing margin pressures, means you cannot afford to keep doing business the same way. You need to progress your operation, find efficiencies and cost savings wherever possible, and improve your service levels to better compete and win.

Globalization and Competition

As technology changes and businesses adapt, the world gets smaller for consumers. No longer bound by distance, consumers have greater access to more products at better prices. Technological advances enable organizations to offer increasingly better and more distinct services and to manage their operations in a leaner fashion. Your ability not only to keep up with the demands of globalization, but also to continually exceed customer expectations, is integral to your continued success. As a distributor you need to streamline the day-to-day flow of goods to improve your profitability, and to find ways to leverage your competitive advantage, stabilize cash flow, and create more opportunities.

Inventory Velocity

Inventory is at the heart of every distribution business and it needs to be managed with precision. Overstock is costly, and each day an item sits on your shelf it depreciates in value and takes up precious storage space. What’s more, you run the risk of that item going out of date before it gets sold, leaving you to absorb the full cost. Unfortunately, running lean on stock won’t protect you. Lack of inventory means you’re unable to fill consumer orders causing your customers to lose confidence in your operation and start shopping elsewhere. Inventory levels must be delicately balanced to maintain just the right amount on hand.
You need a system that not only helps you manage your current inventory, but also helps you forecast, allowing you to serve your customers while lowering your overhead and risk.

Customer Service

Today’s customers demand more and if you can’t exceed expectations, relationships can quickly sour. It isn’t enough to simply deliver their goods; customers expect fast, precise shipping times, fair pricing and easy ordering options. They expect you to have their inventory in stock, and that you will provide them with accurate and detailed invoicing. You not only have to maintain your customer relationships, you have to cultivate them. Your service representatives need the ability to process orders quickly and without error, to access real-time data, maintain files on client specific needs and offer fast responses to customer inquiries.

Whitepaper: Inventory Costing in Microsoft Dynamics 2013

This documentation provides detailed technical insight to the concepts and principles that are used within the Inventory Costing features


We Can Help Solidify Your Future

BDO Solutions can provide a warehouse management software and inventory tracking solution that will help you pull ahead of the competition. With our solution, you get streamlined operations, a better handle on your inventory and you gain critical business insights to help you make better decisions.

“ I love the service we receive from BDO. Without exception, your team has provided us with timely service and solutions to any problems we encounter with our Navision system. ”

David J. Worthen, President at Connect Tech Inc. —

A distribution software solution from BDO can help you:

  • Expertly Manage Inventory:

    Limit overstock and protect yourself from understock with planning tools, forecasting and inventory controls that allow you better visibility and enable you to maintain accurate, real-time inventory information.

  • Plan for Efficiency:

    Track quantity, value and movement of inventory so you can plan delivery routing with flexibility and control to save time and money. Optimize layout, picking methods and movement for better overall performance of your warehouse operations.

  • Improve Profitability:

    Improve supply chain, operations, inventory management, and customer service and gain a clearer understanding of your daily operations so you can positively impact your cash flow and bottom-line.

  • Extend Business Intelligence:

    Use flexible data views, graphical key performance indicators and rich drill-down capabilities to find and compare data with ease. Manage sales and inventory data, and identify areas for improvement with corporate performance management.

  • Upgrade Customer Service:

    Build stronger relationships with clients and vendors by providing your staff with up to date data on every account, empowering them to offer better service. Track correspondence, phone logs and communications for better responses to inquiries and quickly and effectively mitigate complaints or complications.

  • Enable Self Service:

    Use web portals and automation to allow your customers and vendors to access your business online, which will simplify communications and improve collaboration.

  • Reduce Error:

    Automate processes and common data entry, provide simpler order entry procedures and utilize reporting and accounting capabilities to improve the overall accuracy of your operations.

Case Study: Dixon Group

This case study outlines BDO's successful implementation of Pronto Xi for Dixon Group. The Dixon Group were also looking for an Enterprise


BDO Solutions can help you gain competitive traction and drive up your profitability with a warehouse management & distribution software solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics.

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Mike Stranz

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