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Fuel Distribution

Fuel distribution companies need a dynamic and intuitive software solution to manage financials, fuel inventory, deliveries, and customer needs. 

BDO Solutions designed Fuelsoft, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, as the complete fuel distribution software solution for home comfort, retail, and bulk fuel suppliers. 

Dynamics NAV for Fuel DistributionOperate at peak efficiency with streamlined operations, analyze sales and forecast future delivery requirements

Used by companies worldwide, Fuelsoft is proven as the ultimate software solution for fuel distributors.  Instant access to all critical information in one system allows distributors to manage financials, inventory, schedules, routes, and automate dispatches to customers. 

Provide superior customer service by reducing lag time between fuel request and time of delivery

Fuelsoft connects inventory control, purchasing, and sales order processing with customer demand and will reduce costs, streamline processes, and ensure that the right fuel is available when the customer needs it. 

Improve profitability by knowing the true costs of the deliveries

The Jobs module for Fuelsoft provides deep visibility into current and planned projects, compares budgeted vs. actual job costs, and can calculate the value of work-in-progress.  No other software offers such detailed insight into the profitability of fuel distributor accounts.

Specifically developed for fuel distributors by the experienced consultants at BDO Solutions, Fuelsoft will increase operational efficiency across the company, improve cash flow and profitability, integrate with most onboard truck computers and help deliver superior customer service.  Contact BDO Solutions for information and implementation details for the Fuelsoft solution.

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