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Not for Profits

Not-for-profits are required to maintain high transparency with financials and operations, as well as adhere to strict regulations and controls. 

Associations, membership organizations, charities, churches, art organizations and other not-for-profit groups are usually united for a cause or service and find financial and business management encumbering and difficult.  BDO Solutions has worked cooperatively with many not-for-profit organizations to implement Microsoft Dynamics®,  an easy to use solution that will help you stay focused on your mission while reducing time spent on paperwork and administrative overhead.

Not-for-Profit Dynamics GP CanadaProvide transparency of financials and operations to sponsors, clients, donors, and regulatory agencies

Many not-for-profits are forced to do more with less, and time spent on your cause or service is important to achieving your mission.  Microsoft Dynamics can automate common day-to-day data entry and reconciliations, freeing up time and reducing the chance for errors.  Budgets can be created and managed easier.  Notifications can be enabled to reduce the risk of overspending and ensure that funds are available when key payments are due.  Control Account Management functionality within the payables module will eliminate the need to manually reconcile reporting and will provide deeper insight into finances.  Learning to control wasteful spending will ensure that funds are being earmarked and spent appropriately to fulfill the mission of the organization.

Tighten up budgets and spending so you can better serve your constituents

Applying for and managing grant funding is a challenge for not-for-profits.  Grant budgets can be organized in Microsoft Dynamics to ensure budget integrity for every dollar spent.  Track grant budgets and proposed vs. actual costs while remaining fully accountable to grant sponsors and in compliance with associated grant guidelines and regulations.  Control of grant funds and spending will strengthen regulatory relationships, improving the chance for future grant awards from new and existing sponsors.

Improve operations so you can focus on your mission and not paperwork

BDO Solutions presents solutions to the challenges facing our not-for-profit clients.  Working with over 1,800 not-for-profit organizations, BDO provides practical and affordable options that address and maximize value where it counts.  As service demands grow and funding shrinks, implementing Microsoft Dynamics will help you contain costs, increase efficiencies, and help maintain compliance with changing regulations.

BDO Solutions serves clients across Canada including: Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, & Saskatchewan. Serving the metro areas of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Brandon, Mississauga, Toronto, Barrie, Markham, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, London, Red Deer and Halifax.