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Managing a municipality or government organization requires the right combination of fiscal responsibility, community awareness and regulatory compliance. Your operation is open to public scrutiny and you’re tasked with keeping multiple departments working together effectively toward a common goal, while remaining on track with your budget. With disparate systems, rework and oversights are common and you lack the control and visibility you need to keep your office running at top efficacy.

Your organization is working for and with constituents, governing bodies and staff while trying to remain resourceful and responsible, and it can’t do it alone.

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Disparate Budgeting & Operations

With multiple departments all using their own method for accounting, and systems that don’t connect, it can be difficult to get a handle on your operating budget and stay within budget constraints. Constant manual reporting and evaluation coupled with a lack of integration means it takes an excessive amount of time to create the reports needed to satisfy the Public Sector Accounting Board. Further, you lack the ability to notify departments of their percent to budget fulfillment and staff are often without access to the data and information they need to efficiently perform their tasks and manage variances.

You need a government ERP solution that is designed to give you the robust accounting and reporting abilities necessary to streamline processes, keep budgets top of mind, alert staff and management when required, and reduce administrative overhead and redundancies.

Vendor and Community Accountability

The public sector cannot afford to lack clarity in their operations, and has a civic duty to select vendors based on the right matrix of fees and services to fulfill any given job. Municipality-vendor relations are critical to municipal management and need to be evaluated and refined on an ongoing basis to ensure the best results. Request-for-quotes must be clear and accessible, and allow for the proper handling of information and approvals in order to cut costs and save time.

You need a public sector software system that enables web-based services to improve vendor relations and allow for full transparency across projects.

Dedication to Progress

As communities evolve and constituents become better versed in technology, they demand a higher level of information control and innovation from their municipal offices. Out-dated systems that lack the ability to streamline processes and that do not enable connectivity can negatively impact your community relationships. Your government ERP system needs to demonstrate your commitment to progress by enabling fully integrated solutions which offer self-service options to vendors, better connectivity and improved overall communication from your office.

BDO Can Ensure You’re Known for Success

BDO Solutions can provide a government ERP solution that helps ensure your organization is compliant and always looked at favourably by your constituents.

“ We decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP and WennSoft at a key time in our growth, and there is no doubt that the integrated solution has enabled us to avoid cost overrun. ”

Laurie McLorg, Manager of Corporate Planning at Veridian Corporation —

We can help you:

  • Effectively Manage Budgets:

    Easily establish budgets and enable notifications that alert appropriate departments when budgets are nearing fulfillment so you can take action and keep spending on track.

  • Manage Assets:

    Track assets, procurement, equipment maintenance, and asset depreciation and enable real-time reporting for end-to-end management of all your assets.

  • Better Handle Equipment:

    Employ a centralized system for tracking equipment and enable your staff to locate equipment faster and be more capable of solving equipment issues.

  • Improve Overall Productivity:

    Give your employees the tools they need to perform their jobs better, eliminate redundant tasks and increase staff productivity so they are better able to handle additional responsibilities within the municipality.

  • Develop Business Intelligence:

    Use rich reporting functionality, centralized data and access to real-time information to generate accurate reports and improve overall decision making.

  • Upgrade Accounting Processes:

    Enter and track general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, inventory, purchasing, and fixed assets easily within your system and enjoy financial data that is entered in a single location and easily shared between departments. Job cost, service management, equipment management and time tracking are seamlessly integrated for a complete solution.

  • Save Money and Control Costs:

    Reduce inefficiencies, improve online vendor relations, and allow the routing of project data for faster approvals, which will save time, avoid costly delays and save your organization money.

Case Study: Desire2Learn Incorporated

This case study outlines BDO's implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Desire2Learn Inc. Founded in 1999, Desire2Learn Incorporated


BDO Solutions offers governments and municipalities the public sector software solutions they require to serve the needs of their staff, their communities and their regulatory bodies.

Sonia Edmonds

Sonia Edmonds

Sonia is a CGA with over 20 years of experience, including 14 years as a consultant leading complex process and systems projects. Sonia joined BDO Canada LLP in 2005 and has been able to leverage her diverse background to manage numerous engagements with not-for-profit and government organizations.

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