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Focus Your Non-Profit on More of What Matters

Non Profit organizations are bound by strict regulations and are required to maintain high levels of transparency with financials and operations. In order to maintain funding and continue to operate effectively, their records and data must be in proper order and easily accessible to governing bodies. The challenge most non profits face is that the operational side of the business is not their primary focus.

Trying to balance their organization’s goals with regulatory compliance and requirements is cumbersome and pulls teams away from what they are passionate about.

Limited Resources

The reality for many non-profits is that they operate on tight budgets and with limited resources. Heavy administrative overhead, manual or redundant tasks and complex accounting processes take up a disproportionate amount of time; time better spent on the work that really matters to your organization. You need a solution that will help streamline processes and lessen the administrative load.

Complex Grant Management and Fund Accounting

Funding, grants, and budgeting are all integral parts of any non-profit management. Managing funds so that you know they are being spent appropriately, and controlling spending so that you have enough funds earmarked to accomplish your mission, is critical. Without large amounts of capital, you simply cannot afford to lose sight of your expenditures.

The success of your non profit relies heavily on your ability to control grant funds and ensure grant budget integrity for every dollar spent. Tracking proposed vs. actual costs while remaining fully accountable to grant sponsors and in compliance with grant guidelines and regulations, is vital.

You need an effective nonprofit accounting software solution to control your budgets, track various sources of funding and help you plan ahead; so that you’re better equipped to not only operate this fiscal year, but for many more to come.

Broad Accountability

Non-profit organizations have a lot of stakeholders to answer to including staff, volunteers, donors, grantees, the community, regulatory boards and more. Each of these stakeholders has a different interest in what you’re doing and how; and managing the flow of information around your constituents is critical to your ongoing success. You need to demonstrate the effective use of your donor dollars, manage events and fundraising, keep careful control of your records, and ensure you can produce the reports needed to remain compliant.

Managing these processes manually is not only ineffective, but also prone to error. You need a non-profit management software system that can help you keep track of all the important details that gives you easy access to the information you need, and confidence in your results.

Whitepaper: 7 Software Selection Mistakes Not-For-Profits Make

Not-for-profit organizations are bound by strict regulations and are required to maintain high levels of transparency with financials and


We Can Help You Meet Your Goals

BDO Solutions provides nonprofit organizations with the accounting software management tools needed to run a better operation. Spend more time serving your constituents, better manage budgets, allocate time and resources more effectively and improve your ability to focus on the work that really matters to your organization.

“ I love the service we receive from BDO. Without exception, your team has provided us with timely service and solutions to any problems we encounter with our Navision system. ”

David J. Worthen, President at Connect Tech Inc. —

Non-profit management software from BDO Solutions offers:

  • Budget Control:

    Create and manage budgets easier, set up notifications to reduce the risk of overspending and be sure you always have funds available when payments are due. Control your grant budgets with better organization and ensure budget integrity for every dollar spent.

  • Business Intelligence:

    Enable better planning, forecasting and reporting, make more informed decisions, and offer financial and operational transparency to sponsors, clients, donors and regulatory agencies with Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management.

  • Better Accounting:

    Automate common day-to-day data entry and reconciliations, and use Control Account Management functionality within the payables module to eliminate the need to manually reconcile reporting and gain deeper insight into finances.

  • Improved Relationships:

    Control grant funds and spending, provide better reporting and operational transparency, and communicate more clearly with your constituents to strengthen your relationships to help meet long term goals.

  • Extended Reach:

    Spend less time on administrative overhead, tasks and paperwork so you can spend more time reaching the people who really matter to your mission. Enable your staff and volunteers to do more with their limited resources and enjoy a smoother running operation.

Case Study: The Children's Wish Foundation

BDO implements Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for The Children's Wish Foundation. The system has brought the company


A nonprofit accounting software solution from BDO is what you need to bring your organization to the next level. Having worked with over 1,800 non-profit organizations we know how to offer practical, affordable options that address concerns and maximize value. As service demands grow and funding shrinks, implementing Microsoft Dynamics will help you contain costs, increase efficiencies, and maintain compliance with changing regulations. Whether you are an association, membership organization, charity, church, art organization or other non-profit, we have a solution for you.

Gillian Martin

Gillian Martin

Gillian has over 20 years of experience with the implementation of ERP and CRM software systems for mid-market and enterprise organizations. With her BComm and CGA designations, Gillian provides a dynamic combination of operational business process and financial fundamentals to provide customers with overall integrated solutions to resolve their business issues.

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