Microsoft Dynamics xRM

Manage More Than Customers

Manage all your business relationships including vendors, suppliers, assets, programs, projects, property as well as your customers in an xRM solution based on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.

Whether it’s a grant, patient, or a prospective employee, the question is: “Do I need to track the information and activities related to this entity?” If the answer is “yes,” then you should be thinking about xRM, where the ‘x’ might represent ‘vendor’, ‘member’, ‘partner’, ‘patient’ or some other group of people or items. (The ‘RM’ is, of course, Relationship Management.)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an ideal platform. The underlying database contains a set of entities, each with certain characteristics and relationships. What is called an “opportunity” in the CRM application and is used to track potential sales opportunities could just as easily be called a “proposal” and be used to track proposals and manage grant applications.

What is called a “contact” could be a patient in a health and human services system. The platform allows you to change the names of these core entities to accommodate the function they will perform in your business. You can also add new entities and relationships with a set of simple mouse clicks and have immediate integration of these entities to Microsoft Outlook. 

As a platform, there are a number of important features that the Microsoft Dynamics can deliver for your custom xRM application, not to mention the many in-the-box entities and applications that are immediately usable such as helpdesk (or case management), service scheduling, activity tracking, e-commerce, marketing campaigns and sales-force-automation. 


Built-in security options allow you to make decisions on who sees what data, and how they can use it. Ensure that the “right” employees have access to the data necessary for their daily tasks.


Workflows enable automation of business processes during which documents, information, or tasks are passed from one party to another and actions are performed according to a set of rules.


Automate reporting functions so your primary decision makers have the information they need – when they need it – to make informed decisions that can drive the company forward.

User Interface

Microsoft Dynamics delivers a consistent, familiar navigation and user experience that helps your employees quickly learn and utilize the solution.

Microsoft Office Integration

Directly from Microsoft Outlook, instantly access sales, marketing, and customer service functions to make sales decisions, market products, solve problems, and get strategic views of the business.

With flexible deployment options, we can help you can choose the solution that works best for your organization. BDO xRM solutions can be on-premises and cloud-based deployments in addition to hybrid, or partly-hosted models. As part of the world’s 5th largest accountancy firm network, BDO Solutions has extensive experience in providing xRM based solutions that can accommodate your specific business needs or industry-specific functionality.

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